Anki and JD

13/07/19     Bergen, Norway

Anki and JD’s adventure began in Sydney. Legend has it their first two dates were pretty disastrous, however JD would find increasingly elaborate excuses to keep seeing her, including offering his DIY skills to fix her broken dishwasher, and even buying her a pilot’s training course. After initial hesitations, Anki eventually came round… and an epic partnership began. The years that followed saw them live, travel and share countless hikes together in Australia and overseas, one of which culminated in a popped question and a YES. With family spread across the world, they chose to have three wedding celebrations, with the third and final installment back in Bergen, Anki’s childhood home. The Norwegian sun barely sets in Summer, and the never-ending day allowed them time to escape down mountain paths and enjoy the stunning scenery at 640m above sea level.