A warm and natural style that embraces creative techniques for photography with a unique character. I look to express my subjects at their most authentic, and encourage them to interact in a relaxed and unguarded manner. I find inspiration in nature and this is reflected in my images.

Certainly. I’d love to meet up for a coffee at a convenient spot or chat on the phone. We’d be able to discuss your day in detail, talk about the service provided and I could show you the range of album and print options.

Absolutely. Each year (well until recently!) I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph weddings in various overseas locations. I’m often happy to discount travel expenses as I love the opportunity to work in new and different environments.

There’s no set limit to the duration of wedding coverage and I’ve shot a few that have stretched beyond 14 hours. The important thing is that the story of the wedding day is told in full. This normally involves coverage from bridal preparation, where there’s a great sense of anticipation and excitement, until well into the dancing, where the guests loosen up and let their hair down. 10 hours is typical.

This is often the case. When you select your location for photography after the ceremony, check with the relevant council or Park Authority for permit requirements. Sarkodie Photography can advise on what permits are required but it is the responsibility of the couple to ensure that permits are in place.

Yes please, to minimise any wasted time, please consider convenient parking options for the photographer and assistant (if necessary) over the course of the day.

If coverage continues through the wedding reception, a main course would be greatly appreciated.

Once I’ve done all the post-production work, I’ll upload all the high-resolution images to a client access gallery which can be shared with friends and family or downloaded for print.

Having captured and backed-up all images, I’ll carefully go through and delete any replicas of the same shot, or ones where the subject is mid-blink etc. This will leave the essential collection that is then carefully and individually processed. You’ll receive a mix of colour and black & white image treatments. The editing process is so important and has been evolving and refining for years. As such I’d never out-source this part of the job.

All fully edited images will be delivered to you within four weeks of the event.

You have the opportunity to submit two round of revisions if additional edits are desired. A small number of simple edits can be done at no extra charge however more time consuming edits will incur an extra fee depending on the level of time and work involved.

Over a typical 10 hour coverage, you would receive around 900 fully processed high resolution images.

I would recommend two photographers for large weddings (over 100 guests) for the following reasons:

It allows simultaneous coverage of both bridal and groom preparation.

You’ll receive a lot more images, taken from different perspectives and covering a lot more activity happening away from the main action.

The second shooter acts as my assistant during the location shoot and holds external flash units and other lighting equipment.

Canon 1DX Mark II Camera Body
Canon 5D Mark IV Camera Body
Canon 35mm f/1.4 L Lens
Sigma Art 50mm f1.4 Lens
Canon 16-35mm f/4 L Lens
Canon TS-E 45mm f/2.8 Tilt Shift Lens
Canon EF 135mm f/2 L USM Lens
2x Canon 600EXII Speedlights

Bad weather is not anything to worry about. It can add to the character of the shots by providing deep dramatic skies as a backdrop. There are lots of great camera techniques to use in case of rain, and I don’t mind getting wet to get the shot.

Once the shoot is complete, the most important concern is protecting the images from loss or damage. I always make a triple back-up from the memory cards, with internal and external hard drives used, as well as offsite storage.

The packages are completely flexible and can be fully tailored to the requirements of the couple.

I am happy to quote for and include a full range of albums and prints (details on request)